Two famous wooden design lamp brands from Finland are at Diseno Store

Secto Design Lamps

There are two very famous Scandinavian designer light brands which are very popular all over the world now. One of them is Secto lights by Secto Design, the other one is Pilke Lights by Showroom Finland.  Both of them are designed by Finnish designers and manufactured in Finland. They are nicely coordinated by the Scandinavian furniture in diseno istanbul showroom by the Turkey distributor.

The laser cut geometrical shapes of the decorative lamps illuminates the space with interesting shadow plays and stands out in interiors as a great modern alternative to conventional lamps. These wooden lighting fixtures are great decorational elements both for office and residential areas and they are in great deal of favor  by most of the architects, designers and consumers who fans of modern contemporary design.

Secto design in diseno showroom

Secto design lamps 1

Secto Design Lamps

Designs are made by the Finnish architect Seppo Koho. The birch material used on the lamps takes interesting geometrical shapes on different styles and they create  an artistic elegant look. The light behind the skinny wooden bars of the lamps softly illuminates light onto surrounding. Warm traditional wood material are shaped precisely by highly skilled local Finnish craftsman who pays a great deal of attention to labor. Since 1999, Secto design lamps collection has been grown by adding new styles around the same concept of  using materials, soft and warm lighting effects.

Secto Design Lamps

Aspiro lamps by Secto Design 1

Aspiro design lamps

These lamps are the most recent addition to Secto Design lamps. The same birch material have been used in these lamps. But this time LED technology replaces the traditional lighting bulbs on the modern spiral shaped lighting fixture. Aspiro lamps creates a fascinating contrast to its surrounding in darkness by its simply elegant shaped of lighting.

Aspiro lamps by Secto Design

Pilke Lights by Showroom Finland

These modern fantastic wooden lamps are designed by Finnish designer Tuukka Halonen and manufactured by Showroom Finland. The products are first launched on 2010 and they are quite popular in Europe since than. The Finnish birch wood material used on the lamps are cut by computer aided laser technology and crafted by local Finnish professionals by hand. These geometrically shaped unique decorative lamps reflects beautiful light in darkness and draws interesting shapes onto surfaces. Pendant lamps, table lamps and free-standing lamps are available using same concept of material and design.

Pilke table lamps by Showroom Finland

Pilke Floor lamps by Showroom Finland

Pilke lamps by Showroom Finland

Pilke pendant lamps by Showroom Finland

Showroom Finland at diseño

written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via Secto design & Showroom Finland & diseno

images composed by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)


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