Functional design for practical homes, Block Table


No one can deny mobile side table on wheels in very light weight is very practical for everyday use at home. But if its style combined with perfect craftmanship and smart details than it is not only a functional tool it would become a design piece just like the block table created by Danish designer Simon Legald. He describes his designs and products as understandable and honest. He says the essence of his design is for it to be bought and used. On his designs he focuses on beauty of simplicity moving out the unnecessary details same as he did on the Block tables  designed for Normann Copenhagen.


The block table is very functional and can be used in 4 sides. It can be used as side table, tea-table, coffee table or bed side table.

Its sweet chic and simple design could fit to any room of the house.

Perfect for carrying stuff around  easily and can be a great tool for displaying

accessories as well. It can also be a nice New year gift:)




Block_Table_Black_normann copenhagen

Block_table_coral_color_normann copenhagen



The block table is available in six colors white, mint, coral, grey, dark grey and black.

images via spotted by normann copenhagenn


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