moroso product campaign at Patrizia Moroso’ s House


What do you see looking at this beautiful house? I see abundance of bright colors, good design and perfect cosy look with great texture… This is Patrizia Moroso’ s house designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso product campaign.

I can’ t  think anybody who wouldn’ t like to get this look for their house.

Well, here is the good news from diseno! Beautiful Moroso products _many seen on these great photos_ are on the way, they will be in the store very soon with a great selection of items…

No need to tell, but hey we are very excited about it…

Moroso-Product-Shot-at-Patrizia-Moroso-House1 Moroso-Product-Shot-at-Patrizia-Moroso-House3 Moroso-Product-Shot-at-Patrizia-Moroso-House4 Moroso-Product-Shot-at-Patrizia-Moroso-House5 Moroso-Product-Shot-at-Patrizia-Moroso-House8 Moroso-Product-Shot-at-Patrizia-Moroso-House9 Moroso-Product-Shot-at-Patrizia-Moroso-House10 Moroso-Product-Shot-at-Patrizia-Moroso-House11 Moroso-Product-Shot-at-Patrizia-Moroso-House12

Images courtesy of Moroso 

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